Sluis is a new desktop-optimised frontend for Piped. For context, Piped is a proxy that allows people to watch videos on YouTube, without comprising their privacy. You can read more about how Piped works on their GitHub: TeamPiped/Piped.

On android various apps like LibreTube exist, which make using Piped much easier and smoother. On the web the only “good” option is the Piped frontend, like on This frontend works fine, but I wanted to make an alternative that’s easier to use while also being desktop-optimised and keeping most of the features the frontend has.

Sluis is the result of that. So far it offers most of the features that offers, with the exception of playlists. It’s built with SvelteKit, shadcn-svelte, Tailwind CSS and of course the privacy-focused Piped backend for interacting with YouTube.

Example screenshot of Sluis of Google's channel page

Current features of Sluis include:

  • Video player built-in Sponsorblock
  • Comments
  • Subscriptions with feed
  • Trending
  • Search
  • Watch history

Source code is available on GitHub.

Check Sluis out here:

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