Hai, I'm nbert.

Dutch • He/him • Champion @ NZXT discord

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Tools and projects


Make your discord profile shareable through this easy to use tool. The tool outputs a minified mix of HTML and CSS for you to copy paste into a .html file, and upload it to your own website!

(Paused) nb-components

Some simple components that you can customize and use on your own web-related projects, or look at to get some inspiration. For example the switch used in the settings menu on this page ;)

Other pages & about me


Wanna see some other stuff I made? Occasionally I make some stuff that makes my life a bit easier.

Contact me

Contact me trough Discord or Twitter. Due to privacy and spam, I won't be mentioning an e-mail adress anywhere.

About me

I don't have much to say, but uhh, I am like a person from planet earth on the internet, probably. You can see my socials above :D